Fiona Dix

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We moved to Rogate 10 years ago from Fernhurst to where we had taken up home after London a few years earlier. Soon after we arrived, I took on the leadership of the group tasked with producing the Parish Plan. This was a baptism of fire for me, having for 20+ years worked in marketing management consulting in industry. My suggestion of building a children’s playground on the recreation ground was a key outcome of the Parish Plan and it was designed and built with Lottery funding soon afterwards.
A little later, I joined the Parish Council and my special interest currently, beyond children’s facilities, is roads and traffic management and I am the chair of the working party RATA – Rogate Appeal for Traffic Action.
Outside the Council, I am a Governor of Rogate School, and have been for five years, where both my children attended, Now, as my younger child starts at secondary school, I am beginning my return to full time self-employment and in what free time I have, I love to spend with my family, travelling, gardening, riding, skiing and occasionally on my own I indulge in a bit of culture at the ballet or singing in a choir.